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Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Today I did something I don’t notmally do… I looked at next weeks workouts in advance!!! I tend to go day to day with my workouts, it really helps that  Coach Jen wakes stays up until midnight each night to email them to me (I refuse to believe that it happens automatically). Next week is a... Read more »

Hello, Motivation... Where are you?

It’s been 16 days since my race at Mooseman. Coach Jen gave me a light week of rest/training right after the race which has ramped up over the past week. I’m getting the work in which is good, but it’s a battle. Physically I feel fine, a little stiff in the shoulders at the pool, but not... Read more »

The swim at Mooseman 70.3

Here is a video I produced and cut for our official sponsor XTERRA Wetsuits. It’s a short highlight reel of the 1.2 mile swim at Ironman Mooseman 70.3.

Time to get back at it!!!

Alright, my post-race rest week is over. Yesterday I got back in the game. I have 2 more Olympic distance Tri’s this summer, both in August. Ill be kicking ass at RAM Racing’s Bangs Lake Multi-sport festival on August 14th and then I make my Chicago Triathlon debut 2 weeks later. I’m pumped! There was... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE Ironman Finish Video!!

I have a lot to write about the Ironman Mooseman this weekend, and I have a ton of video to go through. But I wanted to get this up ASAP. You may have heard about Pros Maxim Kriat and Paul Ambrose neck and neck finish. If not you can read about it here. Well, we had a... Read more »

I'm an Ironman 70.3 FINISHER!

Mooseman 70.3 Finishers Medal
Ironman Mooseman 70.3 – Sunday June 5th. At 5am on Sunday June 5th, Adam’s “air raid horn” alarm clock went off, letting us know it was time to get up and Ready for Mooseman. We had packed our transition bags the night before, the bikes were checked and waiting for us at the course… It... Read more »

Mooseman 70.3 Update

This time tomorrow, I should be out of the water, through transition and off on my bike… Today is going to be filled with a lot of “To Do” items. Coach Jen has me in the water and on the bike today just to loosen up and make sure everything is working like it should.... Read more »

I'm off to Mooseman!!!

Ironman Mooseman 70.3 – 3 days. This race seems to have snuck up on me. It seems like just yesterday I registered for a race that was 8 months away. At that point I felt completely unprepared. I did 500 yards in the pool and thought I was going to die. I was riding a... Read more »

Race day nutrition and hydration

Elevations Figures of my Ride
Mooseman 70.3 – 13 days Wow, race day is less than 2 weeks away. I had a 5 hour brick workout yesterday. 4:15 bike and 45 min run. I felt totally prepared for this, especially since I did just about the same workout last weekend. My bike was loaded up with 3 bottles of Gatorade... Read more »

I'm tired of the pool

It seems like Chicago isn’t ready to give up on winter yet… We got 2 nice days followed by a bunch of crap weather. For training purposes it hasn’t been TOO bad… What I mean is its better than running in the snow, and the weather has been kind enough that I can take my... Read more »