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Diets are stupid... So there.

Diets are stupid... So there.
I hate diets and dieting. The main problem is that I LOVE food, specifically dinner. When I wake up one of the first things I think about if what I should make for dinner (Thanks Mom, I’m blaming you for that). I was texting my wife at 9:30am about going for wings and beer tonight!... Read more »

8 Benefits of exercise. Do you need anymore reasons?

1. Reduction in coronary heart disease –Exercise helps to lower the “bad” cholesterol(LDL and TG) and increase the “good” cholesterol(HDL). This shift in ratio of good and bad cholesterol helps to reduce the blockages in the arteries. Exercise in combination with a good diet and basic supplements like Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin C and... Read more »

How to exercise PSA circa 1949

This is a Public Service Announcement released by the US government entitled “How to Exercise”