A miracle food: The incredible edible pizza cone

When I was in high school, my go-to song for musical auditions was Miracle of Miracles from Fiddler on the Roof. It was perfect. In the movie, it is sung by a nerdy guy (me) with a limited vocal range (also me).

I had always thought the song was about the miracle of finding someone to share your life with.

A recent discovery, though, has me reconsidering that belief. Perhaps, just perhaps, the nerdy guy with a limited vocal range was referring to the miracle that is the pizza cone.

The pizza cone, like its predecessors ice cream cake and beef stew, is exactly what it sounds like. A pizza in a cone.

The very thought of that concoction fills my heart with happiness.

Pizza cones are not a new thing, however. Buzzfeed had an article on whether pizza cones would be the next big thing in March 2012. And before that, serious eats has written about them as far back as April 2004.

As of yet, they are not the next big thing, though. I heard about them for the first time yesterday when a picture of one popped up on my computer screen while browsing Facebook. You say Facebook engineering. I say miracle.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go and buy a pizza cone. At least, I haven’t found a place nearby yet.

Fortunately, the good people at Pillsbury have provided us with this fantastic recipe for pizza cones.

I know what I’m doing this weekend. Making a miracle.

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