5 things you can do with your busted March Madness bracket

5 things you can do with your busted March Madness bracket

It’s just three days into the NCAA Tournament, but your bracket already is busted. Sorry, my friend. That Iowa State-Baylor championship you predicted now will only happen in your imagination.

But what to do with that now-worthless piece of paper detailing your horrible choices? I have some suggestions:

1. Make a paper airplane

But not just any paper airplane. An awesome paper airplane. A paper airplane so awesome that those with intact brackets will be jealous that they have hope instead of an awesome paper airplane.

2. Turn it over and make a bucket list

But not just any bucket list. An awesome bucket list. Sorry. Deja vu. It can be any kind of bucket list really. It could be a grocery list even. A grocery bucket list. Filled with things such as that weird fruit next to the lemons, the priciest piece of meat on display and ALL THE OREOS! Or you could be boring and do a normal bucket list with things such as go to Europe and learn to dance.  Your call. Just saying. ALL THE OREOS!

3. Recycle it

Because you never want to think about the NCAA tournament again (until next March, at least) and you also love the environment. You do-gooder, you.

4. Use invisible ink to craft a message

The communists will never expect an all-important message to be hidden on a bracket predicting an Indiana-Providence championship. And by communists, I mean you next-door neighbor. And by all-important message, I mean a note letting said neighbor know just exactly what you think of that lawn gnome you believe becomes real at night and eats all your roses. These types of notes truly are best written in invisible ink on busted brackets.

5. Create a toupee for Dick Vitale

And perhaps a mouth guard, as well. For Ashley Judd’s sake.

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