About your future family: A letter to my second child

About your future family: A letter to my second child

Dear Future Kid:

Hello! My name is Christy, and I’m going to be your mom someday.

I don’t know when you might arrive, or how — you haven’t been formed yet. But I believe in your future as part of our family. I believe I’ll get to take you home and be your parent for always, and that is a beautiful thought to me.

I want to tell you a little about your future family. You will have, in Joe and me, a daddy and mommy who will love you very, very much. To the moon and back. It makes our hearts so happy to think about going on trips to the park with you and dancing around in the living room with you. We will bring you home to a cozy house that is all ready for you, and we will be so excited to introduce you to your fun and funny extended family.

Besides your daddy and me, you will also have a wonderful big brother. His name is Nathan, and your dad and I love him so much, too. His birthday is Aug. 24. You won’t get to meet him in person; he died when he was very little (littler than you will be when we bring you home). We didn’t have the chance to do things with Nate like push him in a stroller or take him to the park — he was very sick when he was born, and he was never able to come home with us. But even for such a little baby, Nate was so brave, and he was beautiful, just like you. He has a very special place in our hearts, just like you do. We will be so proud to call ourselves parents of both of you.

It may be a long time before you get here — maybe years — but whenever you do, you will have so many people who will be eager to meet you. Last week, my mom and dad (your Grandpa L. and MiMi) were on vacation, and they bought you your first presents — a warm and soft winter hat and snowflake-printed socks (you will look adorable in them). It was a very sweet gift. All of your grandparents know how much we’re looking forward to you joining our family, and they’re excited for that time, too.

As your dad and I wait for the day when we can introduce ourselves in person, know that we are thinking about you and sending you plenty of prayers and hugs and good thoughts. We can’t wait to be your parents, baby. You will join a family filled with lots and lots of love.

All our best, XOXO,

Your future mommy

• Christine LaFave Grace works as an editor and writer in Chicago.

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