The seven days of moving (and a few more just because)

The seven days of moving (and a few more just because)
Can I say how much I love the Wikimedia Commons has a picture of a cardboard box I could use? Because I just did.

All of last week was devoted to MOVING. I use all caps in this instance because (1. I like to) and (2. It seems like MOVING deserves it.).

On Monday, my wife and I got ready for our move from Chicago to the suburbs.

On Tuesday, we moved. This took most of the day and then we had to get other things done so unpacking was not an option.

On Wednesday, we were exhausted and headed back to work only to get home later that night and not to be able to find a key component to our Sleep Number mattress – the remote. Without the remote to re-inflate the mattress, it essentially is a giant towel. Great for hamsters. Not so much for humans.

On Thursday, we still didn’t have the mattress remote (a two-word combination that would have confused everybody a mere 25 years ago). But at least the unpacking process was starting to gain steam.

On Friday, I headed back to Chicago to take care of a few things in the old apartment before heading back to our new place in the burbs. I finally found the remote. We could now sleep on our bed. I could have unpacked more after that, but decided to not unpack instead. It was a bold decision.

And that was our week. Needless to say, everything not involved with moving, basic cleanliness or working (which is needed to pay for housing) fell to the wayside.

During the weekend, we finally had time to get the place in shape. My wife especially was a flurry of activity and productivity. The end result: a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom that didn’t resemble a Storage Wars locker.

And now it’s Monday again. Back to a somewhat normal routine. Exercise. Making meals at home. Blogging. And other things that don’t involve cardboard boxes.

Well, that’s not completely true. The second bedroom currently is composed of about 53 percent cardboard boxes. (The boxes had to go somewhere.) But, happily, there is a solution for that at the moment. It’s called a shut door. Though with my parents coming in town this weekend, it will need to be reopened soon.

Blurgh. Yup. That pretty much describes moving.

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