I saw a huge rainbow on my way home and it was awesome

I saw a huge rainbow on my way home and it was awesome
This is not the rainbow I saw. I was not able to take a picture of the rainbow I saw because I was focused on driving. (Crazy, right?) I found this image on Wikipedia. I believe this is the kind Skittles drop out of, but that will need to be confirmed.

Driving home from work today, I saw a huge rainbow – maybe the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen. It stretched across the sky, basking in its Roy G. Bivness.

I smiled. I like rainbows. (Yes, I also like unicorns.) There is something inherently wonderful about them. The colors. The grandeur. The stark difference from how the sky usually looks. It’s hard to look at a rainbow and not feel uplifted.

My drive home is not particularly pleasant. I work in the suburbs. I live in the city. And between me and home is this lovely little monster I like to call the Kennedy Expressway.

I am not sure why it is called an expressway, unless it was named after the clothing store Express and its lines during holiday sales. What I like to do most on the Kennedy Expressway is to sit in my car in the middle of the traffic, exhaust fumes dancing above our heads, while occasionally pressing down on the gas pedal. And by “like to do most” what I really mean is “have no choice but to do.”

But today was different. Today there was a rainbow with its bottom seemingly pointed toward home, my pot of gold at the end of my daily commute. Today, I could look up in the sky and see the rainbow smiling back at me. (OK, yes, technically rainbows “frown.” But it’s the friendliest “frown” ever. And it’s like a million times better than a clown’s “smile.”)

So – for one day – I enjoyed my commute a little more. Sure, there was still an upcoming Cubs game between me and my pot of gold, but even that couldn’t get me down.

Thank you, rainbow. Next time, if you’re so inclined, you can bring a unicorn friend, as well.

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