Infographic: Proof that TWTW (The Will To Win) is the ultimate baseball stat

Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson has been in the news lately for his view (perhaps disregard would be a better word) of advanced baseball statistics. In his mind, only one things matters: TWTW, better known as The Will To Win.

This has drawn general consternation from the sports media world and most people with working brains and has led to some amusing back-and-forths between Hawk and WSCR 670 The Score midday co-hosts Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein.

Of course advanced baseball statistics matter. Right? You want to know whether a batter has a better chance against a certain pitcher and so forth. Right? You want to know where to position a player to have the best chance to catch a hit ball. Right? This isn’t rocket science.

But then again, maybe we’re all wrong. Perhaps TWTW is the only thing necessary for victory. And, even scarier, maybe TWTW is an advanced baseball statistic. Maybe, in fact, it’s the ultimate baseball statistic.

To find out, I turned to my old friend math (shudder) to help us out.

After hours upon hours of work (or maybe it was minutes), I finally broke the code and discovered exactly how TWTW can be expressed mathematically. The results, which can be seen below, will surely blow your mind.

Hawk isn’t backward in his thinking. Oh, no, my friends. He’s more forward than any of us ever imagined. Baseball analysis will never be the same.


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