ToC of Surviving a Drunk Driver

It all started with a prayer.  One prayer, then hundreds of prayers until I heard God answer me in a way I've never quite heard Him before.

Photo Source:NBC News This picture accurately shows the damage to my car.

Photo Source:NBC News
This picture accurately shows the damage to my car.

This is the story of an "impossible" prayer and God's answer.  But it doesn't end there.  This is also the story of the "impossible" decision I made to accept God's response, and ultimately make a choice.

A lot of what happened leading up to the crash I refer to in the title, the day it occurred and the initial moments to follow, as well as the days, weeks, and months thereafter, will be shared in the posts in this series, but not all.

I hope to share as many details that I, and those immediately involved with my story, know about the collision in a book someday.

But for now, here is my story:

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