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Hitch's The Date Doctor is In: You Go 10, God Comes 90

I’ve wanted to start a blog now for about three years, but something always seemed to get in the way.  I now know that, that something is me. Be it procrastination, intimidation, or just plain fear, l realize now that getting over that initial hump is the worst part, and in many cases it’s all... Read more »

You Want Romance But You Don't Have a Game With God?

What makes your heart flutter? Everyone desires something. Be it relationships, friendship, love, respect, admiration, acceptance, we all have those carnal desires that involve the people and things around us. No one is an island.  Or at least, most are not willingly. So, I’ll just cut to the chase.            ... Read more »

Persecution? Friend or Foe?

Persecution.  Oh the loaded word.  Most people don’t like the sound of it because it carries with it a negative connotation.  Some may say that it’s a “religious” word. But I beg to differ. While most forms of the word may in fact be related to one’s religious affiliation, I’m sure completely nonreligious people have... Read more »

Lion King's Mufasa Had it Right: Remember Who You Are

Tonight I came home from work and heard the unexpected from my father.  Not that I didn’t think  he believed in me, nor was the skepticism founded because he hasn’t encouraged me to pursue my dreams, or praised me for my talents over the course of my life. But quite the contrary. My dad has... Read more »

What is Your Response When Life Doesn't Go Your Way?

What if someone told you your biggest tragedy in life would also be your greatest blessing?  You probably wouldn’t believe that person.  At first.  That is until you are able to see the bigger picture. Hindsight is 20/20 vision, right? I’m sure everyone has had a moment or two in their lives where when they... Read more »