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It's Been 14 Years Since I heard "You Have Cancer." Happy Cancerversary To Me!

There are many commemorative days in my 47 years. Some have stood out and impacted me more than others. November 6, 2001 was one of those days. That was the day that I heard the words… “YOU HAVE CANCER. We couldn’t get the scope past the 2 tumors in the colon. We did a biopsy.... Read more »

A Great Thing Happened On The Anniversary Of A Terrible Day

September 11, 2001 is known to most people as the day our country changed forever. As a firefighter, that day will always be with me. I think about it all the time and the lives that were changed forever on that day. Every year on the anniversary of that day, time is taken out to... Read more »

I Can Go The Distance

I have made no secret that training for my 23rd marathon has not been going well at all. I have been waiting and waiting for that “Rocky training scene” moment that will kick my running into another level that I know I am capable of. Up until now, that moment has not happened. Having cancer... Read more »

I Heard The Words “You Have Cancer”…And That’s The Day My Life Changed”

“We couldn’t get the scope past the 2 tumors in your colon. We biopsied them but won’t have the results for a few days but I am telling you now, they are cancerous. You have cancer”. Each week at ChicagoNow, bloggers are given a different topic to write on if they choose to participate. This... Read more »

Where Do I Go To For Help?

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. There’s a point of pride that makes me think that I can do certain things without the help of Jesus. I remember back to times in my life prior to knowing The Lord, and even after becoming a follower of Jesus,... Read more »

What If Tomorrow Never Comes? 5 Steps To A Better Today

I am the king of “tomorrow”.  “I’ll start the diet tomorrow”, “I’ll pray more starting tomorrow”, “I will spend more time off my phone tomorrow”, “I’ll work out more tomorrow”. “I’ll be a better parent/wife/husband tomorrow”. For a lot of people, ending a sentence with tomorrow is second nature. It became so habitual that we... Read more »

Another DUI Accident: How Is Drunk Driving Still A Thing?

I just heard about a friend who was injured while driving her car the other day. It appears at this point that the other driver was under the influence of alcohol and hit her car head on. How is this still a thing? In today’s age when people are getting all stirred up about Ebola... Read more »

This Chicago Marathon Will Be Like No Other

Luke 18:27 “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” To say that I am excited about the Chicago Marathon this year is an understatement. I will be running with my friend Charles, who will be participating in his first marathon. While there will be many others running a marathon for the first time,... Read more »

It's Ironman Week!

The week before any race that I participate in, I always reflect back on what it took to get me to the starting line. Last week I posted about the unbelievable support that I get from my wife Amy. You can read it here: I May Get The Ironman Medal But My Wife Deserves One... Read more »

A Lesson Learned And A Decision To Move Forward

I recently posted a blog that was somewhat controversial. I’m not going to discuss the blog or the topic because I have done that enough and need to move on and turn the page from it. Even though when I wrote and posted it my intentions were good, it brought out a lot of shares,... Read more »