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“You Have Cancer”: Looking Back On 13 Years. It’s My “Cancerversary”

There are many commemorative days in my 46 years. Some have stood out and impacted me more than others. November 6, 2001 was one of those days. That was the day that I heard the words… “YOU HAVE CANCER. We couldn’t get the scope past the 2 tumors in the colon. We did a biopsy.... Read more »

It's Ironman Week!

The week before any race that I participate in, I always reflect back on what it took to get me to the starting line. Last week I posted about the unbelievable support that I get from my wife Amy. You can read it here: I May Get The Ironman Medal But My Wife Deserves One... Read more »

Survivor’s Guilt: No One Explains How To Get Through It

I was diagnosed with stage 3-colon cancer on November 6, 2001. My last chemotherapy was on May 10, 2002. I have been cancer free since then so if my math is still correct, that makes me 12 years cancer free. During treatment, I focused all of my energy on making it through the day. Through... Read more »

When The Cancer Doesn’t Come Back: Being Cancer Free

I recently celebrated my anniversary of being cancer free. By celebrating, I mean I realized this month, 12 years ago, I had my last injection of the poison treatment known as chemotherapy. To be honest, I haven’t missed it at all. It’s been quite a ride for the last 12 years. Got divorced, accepted Jesus,... Read more »

For Those Who Have Cancer And For Those Who Love Them

A few of my friends are going through treatments for cancer. While we don’t know what their future holds, we do know who holds their future. I am re-posting this prayer for all those going through cancer and for all those who love them. Psalm 31:5 Into your hand I commit my spirit; you have... Read more »

Taking On the Ironman To Celebrate Being Cancer Free

In 2006, I was going for my follow up colonoscopy for follow up to my stage 3 colon cancer.  While in the waiting room, I was thinking about what I was going to do to celebrate my 5-year cancer free date the following year. That was when I saw a Triathlete magazine sitting on the... Read more »