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Help Bring Hope To Cancer Patients And Their Family

I have been in the cancer community for a long time and have come across a lot of different cancer organizations. Some of these are really good cancer groups and some of them are not so good. A few years ago, I happen to come across a really good one and it is a real... Read more »

10 Songs For My Funeral

No, I am not sick and good Lord willing, I won’t be for a while. Being involved in the cancer community, I do see and hear of a lot of people that have their lives cut short. That being said, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my funeral. I used to think... Read more »

Facebook: When To Clean Up My Friend List And “De-Friend”

I am a big Facebook user. I find it entertaining and there are times when I am home with small kids, that Facebook gives me a glimpse at the world outside the walls of my house when they are closing in on me. I also find it fun to connect with friends, some of whom... Read more »

Are You Joseph Or One Of His Brothers?

In the book of Genesis, there is the story of Joseph and his brothers. It’s a very popular story and was even made into a musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Joseph was his father’s favorite which didn’t sit well with all of his brothers. To make matters worse, Joseph was having very clear... Read more »