Why The “Pick 5 Pictures That Make Me Feel Beautiful” Trend Got My Attention

I recently noticed a trend going around Facebook that women are sharing pictures that “Make them feel beautiful” and then challenging other women to do the same. The reason I noticed this was that my wife was one of those women that participated in this exercise.

When I first noticed her status, I admit that I smiled looking at the pictures she posted. I remember when all of them were taken. One of them was the day we got married. She looked absolutely AMAZING!


Then I looked again the words that were posted. “I was challenged by___ to post 5 pictures that make me feel beautiful.”

As tears were welling up in my eyes, I came to the harsh truth that my wife was not feeling beautiful and perhaps I was a part that makes her feel this way.

First, let me say that my wife is the most beautiful woman walking this planet. My daughter comes a very close second, especially since she is a mini-version of my wife. The problem is that I don’t tell her that enough. I look over at my wife all the time and I am amazed that she is married to me. She is stunning to look at and proof that I married up.

I am willing to bet that when we were dating she felt more beautiful then she does right now. That falls on me. I am the one that stopped dishing out the compliments. Why? Laziness. Pure laziness. I think the compliments, I just stopped saying them as much as I used to.

Well that is going to change. I want my wife to feel as beautiful as I think she is. I can’t control how she feels about herself but I certainly can make my feelings of her beauty known to her all the time.

As I watched this “Post 5 picture” activity spread like a wildfire, I am wondering what our society would be like if all women actually felt beautiful. Can you imagine what the malls, commercials, clothes, make-up, shoes, etc. would look like?

Our society does everything possible to tear each other down, especially women and their appearance. How about we start telling each other how beautiful we think they are, without us having to post pictures to prove it to ourselves?

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.


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