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Dear Soda: It's Been A Year Since We Broke Up

I was given the challenge tonight from our ChicagoNow group as part of Blogapalooza  to “Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.” This was a no-brainer. Dear Coke and all your soda friends, It’s hard to believe that I am celebrating my one-year anniversary since I broke up with you. I... Read more »

How I Almost Quit Training For The Ironman, And Why I Didn’t

There are 2 words that I didn’t think would ever come out of my mouth. I never thought I would feel that there was a situation that I couldn’t get through somehow. Though I may have been thinking these words, I never actually said them with the passion these words pack. I have been struggling... Read more »

My Smartphone Is Making Me Dumber

I have been avoiding writing this for some time. I finally reached the point where I need to come clean in hopes of changing the direction of this behavior. I know I am not alone in this struggle but this isn’t about other people, this is about me. “My name is Steve and I am... Read more »

My Father's Day Wish: I Hope They Remember

I have been a father for 15 years. I have 4 kids ranging in age from 15 years old to almost 6 years (twins) to 3 years old. Each one of them is different and my relationship with each one is different too. I feel so blessed and humbled that God has chosen me to... Read more »

When People Push Your Buttons

If I asked you to give me a list of people that really push your buttons, get your blood boiling, just make you so upset, I bet it wouldn’t take you long to have those names pop out at you. You probably see their faces constantly. We all have people in our lives that really... Read more »

Cancer Introduced Me To The Colon Club And The Colondar

It’s that time of year again when a group of young colon cancer survivors gather together for a “Big Chill” type of weekend to take pictures for the Colondar. A calendar made up of young people from all different walks of life, who all had colon cancer way ahead of “normal age” for this type... Read more »