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Today I Consider Myself The Luckiest Man On The Face Of This earth

Today we were given the challenge to write about a person we never met whose death had an impact on us. I write a lot about God, running, and cancer and how that impacts my life. I could seriously have picked many people who I never met, whose death has impacted me. Some names that... Read more »

When The Cancer Doesn’t Come Back: Being Cancer Free

I recently celebrated my anniversary of being cancer free. By celebrating, I mean I realized this month, 12 years ago, I had my last injection of the poison treatment known as chemotherapy. To be honest, I haven’t missed it at all. It’s been quite a ride for the last 12 years. Got divorced, accepted Jesus,... Read more »

Advice To New Graduates: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Today is my 46th birthday. I spent some time looking back on where I am at, where am I going, how I got here, and what I would do differently if I could talk to the younger version of me. I am not the wisest person in the world but in my 46 years, I... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day To My Angel

This is a letter from last Mother’s Day and the words still ring true today. Dear Amy, I’m not quite sure what to say here because mere words cannot express how I feel about watching you as a mom. I still remember that Sunday in September, 2005 when I pulled up in the parking lot... Read more »

Letter To A New Mom: What The New Dad NEEDS To Know!!!

So it’s Mother’s Day and for some women, it’s their first Mother’s Day. This goes for Dads as well. As a father to 4, ages 14, 5, 5, and 2, I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination but being a new dad can be scary at times. The world as we knew it has really... Read more »

What To Do When Neighbors Aren’t Neighborly

God wasn’t kidding when he talked about being neighborly. The expression “Love the neighbor” is mentioned 9 times, while the word “neighbor” appears over 100 times. The reason I mention this is because God knows that we are all going to struggle with getting along with our neighbors. Last week, my neighbor left this note... Read more »