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Dear Cancer...We Need To Talk

Dear Cancer, It’s been awhile since we have talked so I thought I would write to you to clear up some things. I have been thinking a lot about you lately. In fact, I can’t remember a single day where you weren’t on my mind. You certainly have been busy taking up residence with people... Read more »

Detroit Is Broke But The Tigers Can Pay Miguel Cabrera Almost $30 Million A Season

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t I read that Detroit is bankrupt? I know that their firefighters are working in gear that is unsafe because the city won’t but new stuff that is safe. I keep hearing about businesses leaving the city that used to rank towards the top cities in the country. It... Read more »

What If We All Stood Up And Said “I Am A Mess And I Need Help”

Well, what if we all just stood up and said “I am a mess and I need help?” Come on, I can’t be the only one that is willing to admit this? It’s easy to think that everyone is perfect when we look at their perfect families on Facebook or their glorious “check-ins” in Florida... Read more »

My Guilty Pleasures

So for Blogapalooza this month, where we are given a topic to write about and 1 hour to write it, the challenge was to passionately defend our guilty pleasure. It could be a food, movie, hobby, anything that probably only we actually enjoy. It was actually hard for me to come up with something because... Read more »

Attitude Does Not Change A Cancer Outcome

I became a member of the cancer club on November 6, 2001. Prior to that, I had joined the brain tumor club. These are just a few of the clubs that people join when they get diagnosed with certain things. The membership is by invitation only. There are many ups and downs that go with... Read more »

Faith Through Our Suffering

I am going to start writing a weekly devotional for Phil’s Friends. They are a Christian cancer organization that does amazing things spreading hope to cancer patients and their families. You can read about them here. I thought for my first devotional, to take on the topic of faith through a trial. Being a cancer... Read more »

My Chemotherapy Song

So it’s March and that means it’s Colon Cancer Awareness month. Not that I needed a specific month to think about cancer but this particular month I am thinking about my cancer specifically, colon cancer. There are so many things that stand out in my cancer journey. Some certainly stand out more than others. One... Read more »

For Those Who Have Cancer And For Those Who Love Them

A few of my friends are going through treatments for cancer. While we don’t know what their future holds, we do know who holds their future. I am re-posting this prayer for all those going through cancer and for all those who love them. Psalm 31:5 Into your hand I commit my spirit; you have... Read more »

My Son's Predictions For The Oscars

My oldest son Riley is way into movies. He sees just about everything released even though he is only 14. He makes predictions each year for the Oscars and I thought I would share them with you. So as a guest blogger today, here is Riley and his predictions for this years show. Riley’s Predictions... Read more »

Colon Cancer Awareness Month Starts With The Colondar

It’s March and that means it’s Colon Cancer Awareness Month and a new group of younger colon cancer survivors just got announced for something called a “Colondar”. It’s a calendar that features colon cancer survivors. It’s been around since 2005, featuring different colon cancer survivors each year, all willing to show off their cancer scar... Read more »