"One Way"

God really spoke to me in 2005. That summer I was coming off a divorce and one of the craziest rides ever. I had not yet accepted Jesus and I had just started coming to Harvest Bible Chapel. I was talking to Amy at this point but we had not actually started dating. I was way too much of a mess to be in a relationship at that point.

I was also living a lifestyle that was not very healthy. If I wasn’t at the firehouse or with my son ( he was 6 years old at the time of the divorce and he split his time equally between me and his mom’s house), I was staying up too late and was drinking way more than I should have been. I was feeling very alone. Feeling like no one was there for me. Feeling like I had nobody to lean on. Feeling very isolated.

That’s where this AMAZING God story comes in. I know I am dating myself but in 2005, I was using a website called KAZAA to download free music. To utilize this free website, you would just type in whatever song title, band, or genre of music and you would link up to people to “share” whatever file it was. It was a NAPSTER kind of thing. Looking back, I guess it was technically stealing music but that’s really not the point of this story.

There was a late night where I was home and downloading music. In case you didn’t know, I am a big Rolling Stones fan. I have a lot of their CD’s but this one night I was looking up songs of theirs that I didn’t have. I went from there to other rock bands that I liked. I probably clicked on dozens and dozens of songs that night.

The next day, I got on my computer, and noticed that in the middle of all these rock songs was a Christian worship song by Hillsong. I had never heard of this group or the song “One Way”. Here is the video of the song in case you have never heard of it.

“One Way”

A few weeks later, wouldn’t you know, they played the song as one of the Worship songs at Harvest. I told Amy about it. She of course, wasn’t that shocked and totally believed it was a God thing.

To this day, I have no idea how that song showed up in that playlist. I was searching rock songs and rock bands, not worship songs or Christian groups. This was the only non-rock song that showed up on my list. No other Christian groups. No other Christian songs. One song called “One Way”.

You can choose to believe this story as I am telling it or not. I am telling you that it happened exactly the way you just read it. You can try to rationalize it by saying I just don’t remember doing the search for it or that there were other songs. Except there were no traces or records of any other searches and there were no traces of any other Christian songs. Just “One Way”.

I know that that song showed up just at the right time. The lyrics were exactly what I needed to hear. Here are the lyrics:

One Way by Hillsong

I lay my life down at Your feet

Cause You’re the only one I need

I turn to You and You are always there

In troubled times it’s You I seek

I put You first that’s all I need

I humble all I am all to You

One way, Jesus

You’re the only one that I could live for

One Way, Jesus

You’re the only one that I could live for

You are always, always there

Every how and everywhere

Your grace abounds so deeply within me

You will never ever change

Yesterday today the same

Forever till forever meets no end

You are the Way the Truth and the Life

We live by faith and not by sight for You

We’re living all for You

God couldn’t have given me a more clear message if He opened up the heavens and spoke to me. Well, maybe he did. It’s not every day that God speaks to me through my computer but He certainly did that day. I believe it isn’t the only way that He will speak to me but it certainly is “One Way”.


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