"Cancer Never Stood A Chance Against Her"

I was reminded again today about a friend of my oldest child who passed away 3 years ago from cancer. She was 11 years old.

I had met Lindsey Eyles several times and to say her smile brightened the room is an understatement.

Not that I needed a reminder to think of her. I think of her and her family daily. I think of Lindsey often and refer to her when I speak to cancer survivors or newly diagnosed cancer patients. The following was written by Randy Southern about Lindsey at the time of her passing. It’s so beautifully written I am going to share it here. Please take a moment to pray for her and her family. I’m sure this is a very hard time of year, not that any time is easier. Give thanks where we need to and think of others who might be hurting.

“I just received word that Lindsey Eyles lost her battle with cancer. That’s how it was phrased to me: she “lost her battle with cancer.” I say that’s nonsense. I know Lindsey Eyles. I’ve watched her for years—competing on the soccer field, laughing with her friends, hanging out with her family. I know what she’s made of. Cancer never stood a chance against her.

I know it wore down her body. I know it exhausted her strength. And I know it took her life. But cancer couldn’t dim her smile. And what a smile it was! Everything good, everything wholesome, everything pure about childhood was found in her smile. But there was more—a hint of mischief, a sense of self-confidence, an unmistakable kindness. It was the kind of smile that drew people to her.

That smile was there the first time I saw Lindsey. And it was still there the last time I saw her. The ravages of cancer, chemo and radiation could not wipe it from her face. If anything, her smile was brighter and more joyous the last time I saw her. Cancer was helpless against it.

Lindsey was doubly blessed with beauty—inside and out. Cancer could do nothing to diminish either. When chemo robbed her of her hair, she sported some of the coolest headwear you’ve ever seen—looking good all the while. Even more striking than her physical features, though, was her inner beauty. It was a beauty that shone through her eyes and smile every day of her life. Cancer tried to take it from her, but failed miserably.

Cancer couldn’t steal Lindsey’s popularity. To know her was to love her and to root for her. We should all be so lucky to have as many friends as Lindsey Eyles did. She touched more people in her short time on earth than most of us could in 100 years. From her doctors and nurses to her coaches and teachers to her friends and classmates, no one entered Lindsey’s orbit without being inspired by her. Cancer was utterly helpless to interfere.

Cancer was unable to break Lindsey’s spirit. Her zest for life and competitive fire burned brightly to the end. Her confidence and adventurousness were undimmed. She took everything cancer could throw at her and kept going. She endured pain that would have hobbled the toughest adult. She found energy in the face of draining treatments. She maintained a positive outlook in the bleakest of situations. Where was cancer’s victory in that?

Cancer ripped a hole in the lives of everyone who loved Lindsey Eyles. Cancer left us devastated and heartsick. Cancer robbed the world of someone who would have done great things—someone who would have made a difference.

But cancer did not beat Lindsey Eyles. It never stood a chance.”

AMEN! Lindsey, you are greatly missed.

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