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A Cancer Organization You Can Be Friends With

I have been in the cancer community for a long time and have come across a lot of different cancer organizations. Some of these are really good cancer groups and some of them are not so good. A few years ago, I happen to come across a really good one and it is a real... Read more »

What The Serenity Prayer Means To Me

The other day, I was really stressed about some issues. Not all of these things really had to do with me. Some did and some didn’t but I was really worrying about them. I started reading the “Serenity Prayer”. In case you don’t know what it is or can’t remember it, here it is. God... Read more »

Today, I Needed a Time-Out

It was one of those mornings where things just weren’t clicking on all cylinders. On top of an already hectic morning of taking the twins to school, running a few errands with Payton, I was in the process of trying to reduce our cable television package and get rid of our Comcast phone line. Dealing... Read more »

So What's next? Some Changes In My Training

Sunday was a fantastic day. I finished my 21st marathon. It took longer than I thought it  was going to but I am happy with a finish considering it was my first event after foot surgery last November. My legs started to give out around mile 10. I had a slight feeling that this might... Read more »

Thoughts For My 21st Marathon

As I toe the line for my 21st marathon, I am reminded that it was having cancer that got me started running to begin with. I was never a big fan of running prior to cancer. When I got done with chemotherapy in May of 2002, I wanted to do something big to celebrate it.... Read more »

And The Medal Goes To...

If you know me at all, you know that I truly adore my wife. Everything that I am able to do, is because Amy makes it possible for me. This coming Sunday, I will be running in my 12th consecutive Chicago marathon, my 21st marathon overall. I have all of my medals hanging on a... Read more »

Another Funeral For a Friend With Cancer

As a cancer survivor who is also active in the cancer community, I know a lot of people with cancer and I have been to a lot of funerals. Since my diagnosis on November 6, 2001, yes I remember the date and I have a tattoo on my leg, I have met hundreds of people... Read more »

Whining About Hobby Lobby Is Ridiculous

For the record, I am a Christian who was raised Jewish. My parents, relatives, and a lot of my friends are Jewish. I also have a lot of friends and family members who are Christian. So as you can see, the latest drama with Hobby Lobby has gotten my attention and also my blood boiling!... Read more »

I might be married to Comcast because of my email address

So my wife and I are tossing around the idea of getting rid of Comcast cable and going with a Netflix type of thing. We would miss some of our favorite channels but it is seriously hard to justify the money that we are spending on television. The biggest pain that I am finding out... Read more »