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Being a Christian and a Cubs fan are both about Faith

“This is an edited version of something I wrote a few years ago after attending a Cubs opening day.” “Hope springs eternal”. The theme of Cubs opening day year after year that turns into “wait till next year” usually not far into the season. Now there have been the exceptions to that when they have... Read more »

"SAHD"="Stay At Home Dad" not "Same As Homer Does"

It’s the start of the school year so that means all the people that have school age kids get to rejoice that they have structure returned to their lives. For me it means that I become a school teacher’s husband again for the next 10 months. With my shift schedule as a firefighter, I am... Read more »

Why I love Harvest Bible Chapel

I have been going to Harvest Bible Chapel since September 11, 2005. I was as lost as lot could be both spiritually, emotionally, and it turns out literally. I didn’t even know how to get in to the parking lot and I somehow ended up across the street at the shuttle parking lot. As I... Read more »

Where do I put my faith when I'm struggling?

Yesterday I got word that a fellow Colondar model had taken her own life. To say that this was shocking is an understatement. I wasn’t really close to her but I do feel a close bond with all the Colondar models. Having colon cancer at a younger age and then especially being a model in... Read more »

Am I still dwelling on that? I need to forgive!

One of the biggest things that I do to get me off of my spiritual relationship with God is to dwell on the past. I can be enjoying a fine moment with my family one minute and then something will click in my head and I will start focusing on something from the past. I... Read more »

Sometimes friends are more than that

This past week I went to the funeral of the mother of someone that I have been friends with since freshman year in high school. It pains me a little to say that was over 30 years ago. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around that number but it is what it... Read more »

Having cancer isn't only about death

I recently watched a video of a speech by Rachel Barkey. Rachel passed away in 2009 at the young age of 37. You can see her story and the amazing speech here. What really struck a chord for me was how much she clung to her faith through an amazingly brutal trial. How easy... Read more »