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Christians need to stop focussing on gay marriage

I am tired of hearing people debate the gay marriage topic. I understand that it’s a heated, passionate issue. I have heard both sides of this topic for years and to be quite honest, I think Christians have really missed the boat on this. I have remained silent for as long as I can and... Read more »

Cancer and Marathons

I have been thinking about cancer a lot lately. I know that sounds strange since I don’t think a day has gone by since my diagnosis in 2001 that I haven’t thought about cancer. Something has been different though lately. I seem to be hearing more about cancer. Seeing more about cancer. Knowing more people... Read more »

God showed up on my run this morning

I have to admit that I was pretty bummed after my walk of shame during yesterdays “run” in the heat. I know that it was hot and humid and that made breathing really difficult. It didn’t stop me from playing mind games with myself so I committed to running early this morning. Amy got up... Read more »

Are we as husbands doing our jobs?

One of the things on my “Things I take seriously list” is being a good husband. After seeing my first marriage fail, I knew that if I ever got married again, I would take my job as a husband much more seriously. When I met Amy, I was just starting my walk with Christ. Over... Read more »