Not Everyone is "Running For Boston"

Why does it take something like the Boston bombing to get the attention of some runners?

I have been a runner since 2002. I started running when I finished 6 months of chemotherapy. I signed up for a marathon as a F U to cancer.

I’m not a fast runner at all. My marathon PR is a 4:24 so for me to qualify for Boston, I need to take almost an hour off of that time. In some delusional world, I still hold on to that dream of someday hitting that qualifying time, as I’m sure a lot of runners do.

When I was following the Boston Marathon the day of the bombing, yes I’m that guy that follows that stuff, I knew it would change the face of running forever.

I’m not minimizing anything that happened that day or taking anything away from the police or the City of Boston. I’ve been there before and it’s a great city! I hope and pray they all heal from this horror. This is directed towards the runners who have embraced the “Boston Strong” and “Running for Boston” slogans like they were the ones personally injured in this brutal attack but aren’t actually doing something about it.

How exactly are you “Running for Boston”? Are you raising money to help the people injured that are facing financial, medical, and emotional needs? Are you honoring these people by finding out the names of those killed and lifting them up in prayer while you run? Maybe you could send a letter to someone that got hurt?

Why does it take something like this for some runners to realize that running isn’t always about a PR time or a medal or a shiny blanket we get after finishing a race.

I have seen runners raise money for cancer and other causes. I have seen runners raise awareness for things that people would never have heard of otherwise. I have seen runners inspire people with their life stories like nothing else can. Runners are some of the best people I know.

I think that is why this whole “I’m running for Boston” is so confusing to me. I don’t understand what exactly the runners are doing for Boston. This wasn’t an attack on the running community. I’m glad that some people are looking to help others but lets not make it about us, the runners. Me going out for a 10 mile run saying “I’m running for Boston” doesn’t help Boston. It boosts an ego and feeds a fan of an elitist mindset that someone is doing something, but in reality, they are not. Do something tangible. Otherwise it’s just lip/foot service. Don’t make “Running for Boston” just a catch phrase when there are people there that truly need help.

The Chicago Marathon is the next major event I will be running in. I will be running it for Phil’s Friends, which is a Christian cancer organization. That is close to me since I am an 11-year stage 3-colon cancer survivor. I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about Boston at the Chicago Marathon, especially since I have already seen it advertised as such. I hope people raise a ton of money to help the people in Boston the same as I hope the AIDS foundation, Diabetes Association, people for those injured in Texas, and every other truly needy cause that’s out there.

I hope people get inspired by me and other people running. That is what running is about for me. To honor God and inspire others. The people from Boston, along with others, need our help. Let’s not just use a catch phrase. I’m sorry that for me running isn’t just about Boston, a medal, or me. It has always been bigger than that as it should be.

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