Gods blessings are there when I open my eyes to see them

Yesterday was one of those days where I truly saw the blessings that God has given me. Now keep in mind that nothing has changed, except the way that I looked at the day.

Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

The day started out at the firehouse getting off shift. We had a busy day and a busy night so I didn’t get much sleep. Then I got offered 24 hours of overtime for today. During the school year I am not able to work overtime because I need to be home with the kids because Amy is teaching. After I turned down the overtime, I was talking to one of the guys on my company. He just started on our company so he hasn’t really heard all of my complaints yet about not being able to take overtime.

I was telling him that if I were to be offered this in 2 weeks, I’d be able to take it but because I am taking care of my family, I have to turn it down. He then explained how his wife doesn’t work and that he works a side job and takes overtime out of necessity and he’d rather be in my position of getting to spend the day with the kids while his wife made some money.

I truly don’t think I ever thought about it like that before. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I had been complaining about spending time with my kids. Seriously?!?! Most guys I know would kill to spend 2 out of 3 days at home with their kids and here I am complaining about not being able to take overtime. Ridiculous. As it turns out, I got to take Payton to Lucas and Leah’s last day of school party and we all had a great day together. I would have missed out on that if I had taken the overtime. I’m sure that as the kids get older, they won’t remember that I was with them most of the school year or that I was the one that got to go on most of the field trips. I will remember it though. I’m pretty confident that I won’t remember turning down that overtime though.

That comment made by my co-worker will probably stick with me forever and I don’t see myself complaining about turning down overtime ever again. If anyone ever hears me complaining about it again, feel free to call me out on it. Sometimes I need a good strong reminder.

The next blessing came later in the day. I saw a comment from another cancer survivor about how she inspired and was inspired herself by someone in the cancer world. I just recently celebrated my 11th year cancer free from stage 3 colon cancer. I started running in the summer of 2002 after finishing chemotherapy. It was that October that I finished my 1st marathon. I have now completed 20 marathons and 1 Ironman triathlon. I have never been fast at all so to finish at all was always my goal.

This past November I had foot surgery to fix a really bad bunion on my right foot. My foot is all healed now but I have been really struggling to get my head back in training mode again. I recently made the decision to leave my running group after 10 years. Some things changed there and it was clear to me that it was time for me to go. I think that once it finally got time for me to start running again, after my foot healed, I realized that a huge part of my running was now gone. I have been in that group for a long time. Some of the people there are close friends and I have been running with for almost 10 years and saw me through some really dark periods of my life. How could a group that I thought I was such a big part of, suddenly be looking at me as an outcast? How could something that was such a big part of my life and that I thought I was a big part of, suddenly now be gone?

Because it is, that’s how. Today, I realized that God gave me a gift of me loving to run. It really doesn’t matter where I run. What matters is that I can still be an inspiration to other cancer patients even if I train alone. In fact, I’m really looking forward to some long runs with just me and God. I’ll probably throw some good worship music on also for an added bonus.

Hearing about another cancer survivor inspiring another gave me the motivation that I needed to get back in the game. I’m not going to wallow about my speed because I truly believe that forward is a pace. I’m not going to complain anymore about my foot because it’s all better and there will always be aches and pains with long distance running. I’m especially going to try not to be sad anymore about the loss of my old group. God is waiting for me on those long runs and we have so much to discuss. I’m looking forward to that the most.

I’m hoping that I will get the opportunity to inspire some people with my future runs. The glory will always go to God. He has blessed me with so many things, some of which I will mention in future writings. Being a cancer survivor is something I take very seriously and I truly hope that God will use me and my love for running in whatever way He sees best.

With summer around the corner and my school teacher wife at home, I’m really looking forward to time together as a family and my long runs with God as my running partner.

Colossians 3:2 Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.


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