My Dog Is Lost - Now What Do I Do?

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and due to a work commitment, I couldn’t take the dogs out for a walk earlier in the day. By the time I got home, they were raring to go out – even if only for a ride on a wet, cold day. SYDNEY has been with me since... Read more »

Dear Mr. Putin,

Meet Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani, a young woman of Ukrainian descent who lives in the state of Wisconsin in the U.S.A. Christiana wanted to help alleviate some of the sufferings that you are inflicting on her people, her relatives, her brother and sisters that share the blue and yellow spirit of enjoying their traditions, their independence,... Read more »


I have had a trusty friend by my side for the last eight years. That friend helped me get through the agony of losing a son who should have buried me – not the other way around. A son who absolutely adored my kimo-sabe, my tried-and-true buddy, named Sydney. There we go showcasing the electrifying... Read more »

Why Pushkin Square, Moscow is Important.

As a little boy, I would often look in wonder at the black and white images flickering on the screens of American television that gave me a look at the May Day parades in Red Square. I was sure I would never be able to actually go to Red Square and see those funny-looking spiral... Read more »

When Elvis Fell In Love With A Hound Dog

DOGS make great companions; they get it when it comes to the importance of the human/animal bond – how it makes people happy and the health benefits that come with that relationship. There is nothing quite like a DOG greeting someone or snuggling up to a lucky human. Pet therapy is a real thing. The... Read more »

WHY Scarlett IS A HERO!

Some dismiss the notion that animals are emotional. I don’t buy that. No matter what side of the political aisle one might find themselves on, there is one thing we all agree on. First responders like firefighters and police officers are often referred to as heroes. So, look at the picture above again. That’s a... Read more »


In high school, I was assigned to read a book entitled “Rats, Lice and History.” It was a bit of an eye-opener for me. That book made me realize that human beings weren’t the King of the Hill; something I took for granted. Smaller organisms like rats and lice could literally destroy those that thought... Read more »

Yes, Virginia - Even Dogs Have a Santa Claus!

Siblings, Max & Lulu always wanted to live with one another. And you’re asking, “So why is this significant? People do that all the time.” “Ah yes,” said the man with the rosy cheeks, long flowing white beard with a crimson red hat topped off with a snowball, “BUT, we’re not talking about two-legged creatures... Read more »


In January of 2006, I traveled to a Katrina devastated town with a niece, a close friend, and a brother to do what we could do via the organizational prowess of OLD ST. PAT’s Church in downtown Chicago. We had a check also from Jerry Springer – who gave that remittance to me – BLANK... Read more »

The Joy of Working With Loveable Animals

I decided about two months ago to become a volunteer at the West Suburban Humane Society. I’ve always loved dogs and had my share of cats as well – in part due to my children who loved felines. The people at a Humane Society are also incredibly nice. They’re empathetic, polite not only to another... Read more »