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Thank Goodness for the Courts

Harris County of TX is 1700 square miles with over five million people and yet the GOV. of TX, Wayne Abbott, is per a gubernatorial order eliminating ballot drop-off locations demanding that there be only one per county.  The governor claims it’s due to security concerns but local officials in those counties contradict that claim.... Read more »


I have never waited for 2.5 hours to vote prior to 2020.  I decided after hearing incessant claims that this election would not be fair if we voted by mail, that I would brave the PANDEMIC and vote in person.  However, in my mind, I was sure that it might be best if I voted... Read more »


#FreeUpTheMail 9-14 is the first date when absentee ballots are collected-so get all your crap from Amazon NOW -& after 9-14 -use the U.S.P.S. as little as possible freeing up the carriers to handle the influx of ballots – let’s cut the volume down – way down and help every American GO DO GOOD by... Read more »

Why Dogs Make Us So Happy!

  There is nothing as exhilarating as being greeted by a soul that loves you – no matter who you are, no matter what your politics, no matter what your religion or creed and no matter what your financial status is in life. I am lucky enough to have such a pup.  My Sydney doesn’t... Read more »


The Less You Know About History… The Easier It Is To Believe You’d Always Been On The Right Side of It I love history.  Like the Bible, it’s a fascinating read about people you may or may not have heard of but who came, saw, and conquered or perhaps were conquered.   Their stories are real,... Read more »

The Resurrection of Boraichee - not your typical novel!

U.K. critic reviews the book and I think he liked it even if he was a bit harsh:

Generosity that Will PAY OFF!

Generosity that Will PAY OFF!
In Toledo, Ohio a generous businessman made a huge impact on the lives of about 75 students graduating from Scott High School, in a neighborhood filled with dreams but lacking the wherewithal to make them come to fruition.  That’s why you need a dream-maker like Pete Kadens who decided to take a substantial amount of... Read more »

Proud to be an EARTHLING

This week in July 2020 marks the 51st anniversary of man’s trip to the moon. Planet earth and its inhabitants worldwide watched Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins execute a historic, incredibly complex voyage that demanded pinpoint accuracy and timing throughout the eight-day journey. Even after Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon to... Read more »


My dad was a firefighter.  He was passionate about his job which he considered a CAREER.  A CAREER of service to his fellow man for not only battling the inferno that most would run from but also for his community spirit.  Firemen are known for helping out with food and blood drives, teaching fire safety... Read more »

And Then There Was George Floyd

I flipped on the radio and caught an interview in progress featuring a college student-athlete whose workout included jogging.  The man noted that he was 19, rather tall at six feet four inches with long arms, and in a self-deprecating way stated that to some he might appear intimidating.  His diction was perfect and there... Read more »