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The Calabar Bean of Nigeria has an alkaloid known as physostigmine – used to treat glaucoma but no one had been able to synthesize the compound until Percy Julian – one of America’s premier chemists of the early 20th Century. This was a formidable challenge for any chemist to tackle in the 1930s. He had... Read more »

Book Deal That Can Help St. Jude's Hospital

  For those who purchase The Resurrection of Boraichee from now thru Feb’21 – you’ll get a free copy of, Woolly Wurm, which teaches kids that when you help others – you inadvertently help yourself. Available on Amazon and eBay: – 15% to St. Jude’s Hospital

When You Build it...They Won't Come Till You Build It Again!

If there is one thing the people of the world, including the citizens of the U.S.A., can certainly appreciate – it’s the hurry-up-but-wait syndrome.   The question on everyone’s mind at the onset of the Pandemic was simple, “When will a vaccine be available?” When one considers that vaccines often take years to produce, the pace... Read more »

Sometimes You Just Need A Goodman

    Wednesday, January 6, 2021, will be a date that lives in INFAMY sharing a six-letter word that has become so integral with American tragedy – then and now. The attempted coup that occurred on 1/6/2021 by a mob incited by a president to attack not only our nation’s Capitol but also elected Congressional... Read more »

The Marvel of Film Capturing Lives That Have Moved On

    I am always amazed at how photography and film changed the world by capturing definitively life from another era with details that will impress generations to come when they study history. I found it fascinating to watch a 50-second film shot back in 1895, by Auguste and Louis Lumieres that has been restored... Read more »

One Very Obsessive Determined Person Can Change The World

When you buy a gallon of milk today in the United States, you do so without the fear that it might kill you. The same is true for when you open up a can of vegetables or a can of meat, or a can of any food product; you do so without the fear that... Read more »

Why Speaking Truth to Power Matters

America can be proud that in 2020, millions of citizens took the election seriously and showed up at the polls or filled out a mail-in-ballot that they hand-delivered to a county clerk or got postmarked at their local U.S.P.S. prior to a deadline demand.  Citizens were generally worried about standing in lines in the middle... Read more »


Even with the PANDEMIC, we all need to give our fellow Americans kudos for their ability to come together on an issue of utmost importance for all of us. I now am encouraged to see that there is plenty of toilet paper on the shelves at almost any store I frequent for necessities. I’m also... Read more »


“It is what it is.” STOP! Read it again – SLOWLY. “IT IS WHAT IT IS.” That’s INDIFFERENCE! Now ask yourself if that kind of INDIFFERENCE would have worked for George Washington during the brutal winter of Valley Forge in 1777-1778 when his army lacked the clothing and provisions they desperately needed.  Cold, hunger, and... Read more »

Thank Goodness for the Courts

Harris County of TX is 1700 square miles with over five million people and yet the GOV. of TX, Wayne Abbott, is per a gubernatorial order eliminating ballot drop-off locations demanding that there be only one per county.  The governor claims it’s due to security concerns but local officials in those counties contradict that claim.... Read more »