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WHY Scarlett IS A HERO!

Some dismiss the notion that animals are emotional. I don’t buy that. No matter what side of the political aisle one might find themselves on, there is one thing we all agree on. First responders like firefighters and police officers are often referred to as heroes. So, look at the picture above again. That’s a... Read more »


In high school, I was assigned to read a book entitled “Rats, Lice and History.” It was a bit of an eye-opener for me. That book made me realize that human beings weren’t the King of the Hill; something I took for granted. Smaller organisms like rats and lice could literally destroy those that thought... Read more »

Yes, Virginia - Even Dogs Have a Santa Claus!

Siblings, Max & Lulu always wanted to live with one another. And you’re asking, “So why is this significant? People do that all the time.” “Ah yes,” said the man with the rosy cheeks, long flowing white beard with a crimson red hat topped off with a snowball, “BUT, we’re not talking about two-legged creatures... Read more »


In January of 2006, I traveled to a Katrina devastated town with a niece, a close friend, and a brother to do what we could do via the organizational prowess of OLD ST. PAT’s Church in downtown Chicago. We had a check also from Jerry Springer – who gave that remittance to me – BLANK... Read more »

The Joy of Working With Loveable Animals

I decided about two months ago to become a volunteer at the West Suburban Humane Society. I’ve always loved dogs and had my share of cats as well – in part due to my children who loved felines. The people at a Humane Society are also incredibly nice. They’re empathetic, polite not only to another... Read more »

I Want to be Forever YOUNG!

Don’t we ALL? And yet we can be in spirit FOREVER YOUNG even if we’re chronologically OLD.  That’s why it is so important that there is a PLACE – a PLACE of PEACE – to leave older adults suffering from cognitive and physical disabilities.   The Community Adult Center (CADC) has been such a PLACE for... Read more »

Why the Whistleblower Should be Revered

It takes guts to be a whistleblower. You put your career on the line. You put your personal safety and possibly your own family on the line even though Congress passed legislation to encourage citizens to come forward when they see something terribly WRONG. However, that designation has been tarnished by many who unfortunately politicized... Read more »

The Less You Know About History…

The Easier It Is To Believe You’ve Always Been On The Right Side of It I love history.  Like the Bible, it’s a fascinating read about people you may or may not have heard of but who came, saw, and conquered or perhaps were conquered.   Their stories are real, genuine, and sometimes a bit fabricated... Read more »

The Romance of Debussy's "Claire de Lune"

It was our fourth date. I had been invited to a party by a co-worker, an attractive woman who worked with me at a television station as a producer of classical music programming. I initially balked at attending but then thought perhaps my date might enjoy something as simple as a party. We were beginning... Read more »


A good friend gave me the plaque which I proudly hang by my front door because, for me, I truly believe that a pup can make life so much better. Why? Because dogs are loyal. Dogs are not judgemental. Dogs could care less about your politics. Dogs merely want to love their families. That’s why... Read more »