Dear Mr. Putin,

Meet Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani, a young woman of Ukrainian descent who lives in the state of Wisconsin in the U.S.A. Christiana wanted to help alleviate some of the sufferings that you are inflicting on her people, her relatives, her brother and sisters that share the blue and yellow spirit of enjoying their traditions, their independence, their cultural heritage that is unique unto itself, never to be forced by any power on earth to abandon what they hold so dear. It seems that after a national newscast featured the work of her entire family making those scented candles, with all the proceeds going to aid people who are in dire need from aggression the world hasn’t seen since World War II.

The day following the media story, some 4,000 orders have inundated Christiana, her BABA, her mother and father, and brother – in an effort to fulfill all those orders spreading the spirit
and goodness of people who care and are committed to GO DO GOOD and generate dollars for the basics of life stripped from people who just want to be free. As of today’s date, Christiana and her loved ones have made some 20,000 candles. It is that devotion, that dedication for others that will always in the end triumph and bring LIGHT to that which is DARK and in need of a candle burning with LOVE.

DOOR COUNTY CANDLE COMPANY – 4 to 8 weeks for fulfillment – but they’re still taking orders for those who want to GO DO GOOD and buy a bit of LOVE for those living under the banner of the yellow and blue.

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