Yes, Virginia - Even Dogs Have a Santa Claus!

Siblings, Max & Lulu always wanted to live with one another.

And you’re asking, “So why is this significant? People do that all the time.”

“Ah yes,” said the man with the rosy cheeks, long flowing white beard with a crimson red hat topped off with a snowball, “BUT, we’re not talking about two-legged creatures but rather those with four.”

The equation is dramatically different when we’re talking about DOGS or >2<5 =4 appendages. DOG the anagram for something so much greater with the distinction of being man’s best friend does at times dream and wish for a life filled with the love of a sibling, a mate, another special dog in their life.

In the case of Max & Lulu – you don’t dare try to separate them. As a volunteer at West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS), I’m very much aware of how WSHS allowed Max & Lulu to live in adjoining pens with access to each other via a doorway that connected their living spaces. When they went into the recreation yards, they went together – they’re a team and you don’t break up a great team.

I’m sure that Max & Lulu had to have noticed the other dogs leaving WSHS for permanent homes, but neither pup wanted to live without the other. Kudos to the folks at WSHS for having the heart and fortitude to keep a promise they made to Max & Lulu – you’ll either stay with us or you’ll go together, but WE at WSHS won’t separate you TWO.

It’s Christmas and I always get weepy hearing stories about man’s humanity on behalf of their fellow man during a season when we all wish nothing but the best for men of goodwill — BUT – this story takes the CAKE in my opinion.

Lulu & Max’s Christmas WISH – came true!

I’m not sure how much Santa was involved but I’ve got to think he had something to do with Max & Lulu being adopted by wonderful people who wanted to GO DO GOOD.

May the ALMIGHTY bless Max & Lulu, WSHS, and the man&woman of goodwill who committed to the promise that the pups go together as tight as an ampersand – MAX&LULU – joined at the hip in a forever home.

Now isn’t that one of the best Christmas Carols you could ever hope to sing about.

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