In January of 2006, I traveled to a Katrina devastated town with a niece, a close friend, and a brother to do what we could do via the organizational prowess of OLD ST. PAT’s Church in downtown Chicago. We had a check also from Jerry Springer – who gave that remittance to me – BLANK – trusting that I’d use the money to buy equipment in need of the people in Diamondhead, MS.

A portion of Diamondhead looked like Nagasaki…totally flattened by Katrina, which hit the previous August of 2005. Our team wound up clearing tree branches that blocked the entrances of homes or the disposing of a nasty refrigerator from the 2nd floor of a home, which FEMA wouldn’t enter until that appliance with rotten food was cleared from the premises.

We cut doors into the rooftops of many a home so that the homeowners could try and get into their smashed, mashed homes in the hope of saving sentimental memories captured in photos, jewelry and baubles given by lovers who only had eyes for each other, and anything that mattered in their heart. When anyone on my crew was asked to crawl in, I always interjected, “We are prohibited from going into anyone’s premises.” I didn’t care whether the recipient liked hearing that. I had made a promise to everyone in the crew that we’d help but in no way would anyone be in jeopardy from that involvement. Those homes with crescent roofs afforded whoever dropped into that rabbit hole an opportunity to begin their exploration but the threat that the debris might shift from one side to another was palpable.

Time has taken its toll on my body and so my inner self tells me to be involved, but, because of that back surgery, you can’t be wielding a chain saw anymore. And they will need many chainsaws to clear the debris to rebuild. But the good news is that I can still help with a donation to a relief fund that will help all the volunteers from states near and far who have come together as Americans…as Americans from the West…as Americans from the East…as Americans from the North…as Americans from the South – UNITED for the express purpose of helping those in need no matter how they voted in an election because that really is insignificant when a brother or sister citizen needs help. In one day following the destruction, Americans came together and donated 29 million dollars.

The Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund is one way – YOU – can make a difference in the lives of fellow Americans losing everything. And what is so sinister about tornado demolition and destruction is how the path will crush one household while leaving the one next to it completely intact. Good to be intact even if you have to live without power which also has been affected at a time of year that may be merry but usually is grinch-like-cold.

Here’s the link to the stars again shining over the folks of Western Kentucky, who can’t at this moment count their lucky stars the way we can, but who hope that their fellow Americans click it on and GO DO GOOD in sharing their green – their Christmas green with toys for their kids, green for shelter, green for food, green for hope so that their red rosy faces from all that tornado wind will bring a blend of red and green in the spirit of Christmas – a chance for resurrection – check it out:

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