I Read The News Today, Oh-Boy!

Both items appeared to me through the reach of social media.

A female colleague that I adored, so did most men joined by many women left me and many today. Nicky’s body was at war. Her spirit despite the conflagration soared. I had the honor and privilege to talk with her often during the year of the Pandemic. And yes, I was aware of her battle that she had no intent on giving into. Instead of focusing only on health, we talked shop. We discussed at length a revolutionary concept for a video program that might impact the world. I realized that Nicky’s idea could be a game-changer kind of revolution in the world of sharing information with every person on earth – a connection through the power of video and world interconnectivity via broadband that would truly be historic. Nicky wanted me to meet potential investors as well as offer my insight regarding the media-arts-production she envisioned. For me, that was a wonderful compliment from a professional in my field who is revered by many. And today I read the news – oh boy – that Nicky had transitioned to another astral plane that is not available to earthlings until they ascend to what many of us pray is a much higher power.

That news that I read – oh boy – got worse as the day moved on. I found out that my favorite baker from my village had also moved on. The man fought so hard. He loved life. He loved people. That might explain why he got up day-in-and-day-out before the crack of dawn to make those wonderful cookies, sweet rolls, pies, cakes, and other ambrosia that made the mouths of thousands water with delight. You’ve got to hand it to anyone who can make with their hands the wonderful delicacies that brought smiles to the faces of those lucky enough to be one of his customers. God bless that man for the gift of lightening our burden at times…my God, we all know we needed it. The public support for A GO-FUND ME page confirmed that the BAKER was a PRINCE among men.

For the families of both souls, know that your beloved was truly loved by others. At this moment in time, that might be the very best news you could read – oh-boy-triumphantly – because love conquers all – even death.

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