It's A Wonderful Life - if you're the BELOVED BAKER Chuck Kalousek -

For the last 36 years of a 55 year life, Chuck Kalousek has been working at INGRAM’S BUSY BEE BAKERY – a fixture on MAIN STREET in Downers Grove, Illinois that has brought so much JOY to the people of a tight knit community. As a baker, Chuck’s routine starts at midnight so that he will be ready for a 7 a.m. opening creating treats like pączki that are eaten especially on Fat Thursday or birthday, wedding, and anniversary cakes that celebrate the milestone markers of life not to mention the cookies and donuts that people buy just to bring brightness and smiles to the ones they love.

If you’ve ever worked at hours when others sleep, then you know how tough life can be. For years, I worked on TV newscasts that demanded that I start at 3 or 4 a.m. There is nothing EASY about keeping that kind of a schedule…frankly it’s a GRIND. And yet, Chuck put his customers first knowing that they were counting on purchasing those baked goods to start their day or their darlings.

So now, his customers have decided to put their lovable BAKER first whether they’re candlestick makers or butchers or just people who know how to rub-a-dub-dub a life of toil that supports families and businesses in the American marketplace. When asked to help the BAKER who made those cakes, pies, cookies and pączki’s that sweeten life, now suffering from the ravages of a Pandemic, the bell has tolled mightily for Chuck Kalousek – as the good people of Downers Grove and the western suburbs of Chicago have poured over 100K into a GO FUND ME to GO DO GOOD for a jolly good fellow down on his luck.

George Bailey learned why his life was truly wonderful and we all pray that Chuck Kalousek gets a second chance at life as he awaits a badly needed lung transplant battling to stay alive, one laborious breath at a time.

Please share your prayers and good fortune for a man cherished by his fellow villagers…and if you can, click on the link below to add to a fund that will help offset a portion of the enormous cost of medical care needed to resurrect a BAKER who merely wants a chance to make those delicious tasty delicacies rise again!

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