In 2000, I wrote a book published by Angel Harvey (the wife of the famous broadcaster Paul Harvey heard on WGN and the ABC Radio Network) that taught children that when you help others, you invariably help yourself. Some 15,000 copies sold with all of the proceeds going to the INFANT WELFARE SOCIETY. People seem to always get behind a great cause, whenever it benefits those just beginning lives.

But what about lives that are moving into their sunset years? Unfortunately in America and western culture, the old are often discarded unlike Eastern cultures in China and Japan where having wrinkles in a face is appreciated because their wisdom and experience are valued.

For those blessed with parents that supported you not only financially but also emotionally while protective of their offspring – the time has come for you to return the favor.

But how do I do that with everything else that I’m dealing with? I’ve got kids, a spouse, a family, a house that all make demands on my time – and now you’re telling me I’ve got to deal with adults that have always handled their business without any input from me?

YES – because those adults that you modeled yourself after have lost a step or two with time and age. They not only might have physical disabilities but cognitive ones as well. Their memories might not be as SHARP as they once were. In some cases they might even have the onset of dementia and need some extra care. That’s when you are their lifeline as they were yours.

But that might require a bit of help. If that’s the case then look for an adult day care center that has a reputation of treating those needing that care with respect, with patience and with a bit of love. If your loved ones served in the military, they might be eligible for financial assistance. Even if they didn’t serve, often counties in various states have assistance programs for your beloved that even includes transportation.

I am proud to have served as the president of the board of directors of the Community Adult Day Center in Downers Grove and if we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to call our new Executive Director, Susan Sinderson…

for counsel and advice on placing your beloved in a program that makes every day a great day for them. They deserve nothing less from an adult daycare center that knows how to GO DO GOOD. You not only owe it to your beloved – you owe it to yourself knowing that you did all you could for those who made your life rich.

Call us…630-968-1060 if you want to talk.

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