“It is what it is.”


Read it again – SLOWLY.



Now ask yourself if that kind of INDIFFERENCE would have worked for George Washington during the brutal winter of Valley Forge in 1777-1778 when his army lacked the clothing and provisions they desperately needed.  Cold, hunger, and sickness marked the Continental Army’s stay at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. GW could have given up.  Many were concerned he might adopt the attitude, “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” but fortunately for the Americans of the day and the Americans of his tomorrow, he didn’t.

Many outstanding leaders have had to deal with what comes with a crisis.

Lincoln could have cut a deal with the Southern rebels and said, “Okay, we’ll declare in unison with the Confederacy an armistice and each side will live life as they see it.”  In other words, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.” But Lincoln didn’t do that and for that, the United States remained united for generations to come, which proved invaluable when dealing with a fanatical adversary like Hitler’s Third Reich.

Roosevelt could have done basically what his predecessor had done for four years – hoping that the ship would right itself and basically taking the attitude that “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”  But FDR didn’t do that.  He rolled up his sleeves and enacted the greatest comeback ever from the effects of a worldwide depression.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights era could easily have said, “There’s little we can do to change the segregation policies of the South.  IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

When 9/11 happened, President George W. Bush was at GROUND ZERO and with the help of a bull horn made it clear that he could hear the American people and the rest of the world heard the U.S.A. and the people who knocked down the buildings would soon hear from America.  He didn’t put his arms up and declare, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

Empathy demands more than “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

Courage demands more than “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

Democracy if it is to survive demands more than “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

And for those who don’t engage in the electoral process and make their vote heard, you are basically falling into the trap, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

GO DO GOOD and get off your couch and VOTE because there’s more to life than “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”



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