Does Anybody Know What Day It Is?

As we go into week six of the lockdown, thanks to coronavirus, I’m so pleased to hear that scientists may be considering DOGS to prove once again why they are man’s best friend.


DOGS unite people, no matter their political bent at the greatest revolution of all time…the Local Dog Park.  Nobody talks politics at one of the few respites still left in the U.S. where people mingle and predominately talk about how special their canine is in their life, or how smart their dog is, or how sweet that little bundle of fluff can be.  And DOGS figuratively if not literally have a secret pact that all of them observe even if they don’t like the neighbor’s Fido, Trixie or Pixie.  They unconditionally love their masters and madames no matter whether their human parent is Red, Blue, Green or attached to an “ism,” be it socialism, communism or capitalism.

Besides their likeability factor, a DOG possesses a quality that we can’t even imagine.  When we walk into a room and exclaim, “Hmmm…that stew smells so good.”  We have what I’ll label as a collective scent reaction.   In the case of a DOG, the reaction if we could decipher bark speak would go something like this, “Wow….those carrots, that onion, that rutabaga, that tomato paste and the ripe red tomatoes simmering with the celery and that tenderloin sizzled in olive oil with a sprinkle of flour to thicken what I’m sure will be one fine stew.”  Note the distinction?

So it was a joy to learn that DOGS might be able to actually detect via their incredible sniffers whether an individual has COVID-19 – even someone who is asymptomatic.  Like any kind of human need to discern a specific smell such as a narcotic or Ms. Mary Jane, the DOGS would need to be trained to detect COVID, but that was hardly a pimple in the road to progress since smart sniffing dogs could easily pick up the nuance of a SMELL that celebrated coronavirus.   DOGS could be the salvation of the human race in their ability to screen those with it and those without it – quickly, efficiently and pain-free.

Long live man’s best friend – they’re better than GOOD – they’re GO DO GOOD DO GOODERS that we love!



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