With 113K COVID-19 Cases & over 2K Deaths - We Need Good News

Sometimes a disaster or an enemy unites people often divided and at odds with one another over ideology, politics and social standing.

The threat can be from an adversary that desires to enslave or as we’ve seen a mysterious biological infectious disease that ravages a county, a continent, a world.  In either case, survival from such a conflagration requires team work, unity and individuals that sacrifice on behalf of their community.

The nurses and doctors are on the front lines of this war.  In order to protect them from becoming one of the fallen, the public, be they young or old have taken it upon themselves to ingeniously sew masks or medical garb with materials one wouldn’t expect used for a PPE (personal protective equipment).  (an example re: sewing of masks) https://www.fox32chicago.com/video/666934

And since ventilators have been in short supply, essential for afflicted patients, it was refreshing to see a doctor figure out how to convert a scuba mask and turn it into one of those lifesaving machines.  This kind of thinking out of the box was necessary due in part to America’s lack of vision compared to South Korea which was ready a day after their first confirmed case with tests administered at the rate of 10K per day and more than enough ventilators to handle the apex of the curve.  Part of the reason why SK was able to do that is that they took seriously a World Health Organization report issued globally in October 2019 that a possible epidemic might occur in the first quarter of 2020.

Retired nurses and doctors who know the threat of this virus better than most, have bravely allowed themselves to be recruited to return to the fight on behalf of their fellow citizens. Money is not their incentive since most medical professionals have made significant money during their careers and afforded them the opportunity to have outstanding pensions or 401K savings.

Celebrated athletes and entertainers have also stepped up to the plate making contributions in the hundreds of thousands or even millions to help those affected by the need  to shutdown America to suppress a virus that can be transmitted by even the asymptomatic.  COVID-19 not only threatens America’s health but also its economy.  Millions find themselves unable to work in an effort to suppress and flatten the curve of the ascendancy of the pandemic which South Korea has successfully contained …so there is hope for us all.


The good news is that people like Drew and Brittany Brees, who have been blessed are addressing the hunger that those without employment face.

What we need are those who inspire, those who unite, those who respect science and those who find a way to provide that which we or our fellow Americans require during this time of crisis.  Kudos to the nurses, the doctors, and the medical care givers but let’s not forget all those who contribute in their own way…they all can GO DO GOOD and help us win the battle against COVID-19.






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