Tattoo or nah?

My thoughts on tattoos have evolved in my recent adult years. I used to think ew, that’s just a trendy tattoo. But then I grew up and realized I don’t give a crap what people have on their bodies, because it’s THEIR body. I am intrigued by the idea of a tattoo. And I finally... Read more »

Starting again on Monday (Tuesday)

Starting again on Monday (Tuesday)
I have had a struggle with food for a good part of my life. Only in my late 20s has this struggle turned into more of an “ughhh” struggle, compared with the “aarughdalkjahhhh!” of my youth. There’s nothing like the struggle and consequent horror of stepping on the scale after a weekend filled with wedding... Read more »

A Day in the Life of CPS SpEd Teacher

Let’s just start the day by reminding the readers that you had to wake up extra early today to drive your parents to Midway Airport. They are going on a 5 day trip to San Diego because they live a wonderful retired life and they can do things like that. You dream of retiring in... Read more »

If you're gonna do it, do it for you

There’s nothing more empowering that setting a goal for yourself, and reaching it.. BY YOURSELF. If you’re the type of person that feels this type of empowerment all the time, you’re lying. Nobody reaches major life goals all the time, and you shouldn’t. Life goals should take place over the course of a lifetime. Not... Read more »

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know

I use this phrase all the time. It’s very applicable to my life right now. I feel this way every year at the beginning of the school year. Beginning of the year is just pure insanity. The hardest part is that I have to re-train my bladder to hold my pee for 4 hours, because... Read more »

Southside baby boomers take on Europe

Traveling with your 65 year old parents is a blessing and a curse. The blessing: My parents are still well enough and healthy enough to travel. And I had the opportunity to travel with them. I’m thankful I got to experience a little bit of Europe with them. All jokes aside. What’s great about traveling... Read more »

PJ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Thursday was terrible. I got called out by an annoying mom for eating alone, had a terrible date, got pocket dialed by  my ghosting ex, and had immense guilt about being a bystander at CVS. It all started when I was laying on my couch at 10am, enjoying teacher life after a workout. I’m just... Read more »

What to do when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is coming...

Okay, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is coming to work today and they’re doing a feature on us. What do I do? –Wear Makeup. I typically look like I’m between the ages of 19-23. Especially when I go au naturale, which is my summer look. I really need to try and look my age... Read more »

8 things I now know to be true after a 2 week family staycation in Chicago.

Just a little background info: this was a 2 week staycation between the Southside and the Northside of Chicago.  There was a rotating gathering of family and friends involving my immediate family which now includes: my parents, 4 siblings, 3 significant others, and 5 nieces and nephews who are 5 years old and younger. In... Read more »

When you become the enemy

The administration at my school recently asked me to be part of the PD team for the next school year. PD = Professional Development, aka school-wide meetings that are held in the beginning of the year before the kiddos come, and about once a month during the school year. Nobody really likes PD.  It’s part of... Read more »