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Bring it back to reality, you privileged brat.

I’m mad at myself this week because I’ve gained a couple pounds. BOO HOO, I went to restaurant week 3 times and over-indulged. I am annoying.  I’m mad that I scheduled hosting my book club the day before I was supposed to leave for DC for a weekend getaway. Now I’m stressed having to cook... Read more »

It took me until I was 29 to realized I was sexually harassed as a teenager.

I’m a high school teacher, I’m 29, I’ve been a teacher for 8 years. I realized during my 3rd period class that something that happened to me when I was 17 was actually sexual harassment. I had blocked and refused to think about this moment for years. The article that was the topic today was written... Read more »

You know it's getting out of control when...

You stop sleeping, which makes you always tired. When you do sleep, it’s full of nightmares (see aggressive dog nightmare later in post) Your eating habits don’t exist. There is no habit to the madness. Your house is dirty. Dust.bunnies.everywhere. Nightmare inducing dust bunnies. Your boyfriend is concerned. You forget to respond to texts. Your... Read more »

If you're gonna do it, do it for you

There’s nothing more empowering that setting a goal for yourself, and reaching it.. BY YOURSELF. If you’re the type of person that feels this type of empowerment all the time, you’re lying. Nobody reaches major life goals all the time, and you shouldn’t. Life goals should take place over the course of a lifetime. Not... Read more »

PJ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Thursday was terrible. I got called out by an annoying mom for eating alone, had a terrible date, got pocket dialed by  my ghosting ex, and had immense guilt about being a bystander at CVS. It all started when I was laying on my couch at 10am, enjoying teacher life after a workout. I’m just... Read more »

8 things I now know to be true after a 2 week family staycation in Chicago.

Just a little background info: this was a 2 week staycation between the Southside and the Northside of Chicago.  There was a rotating gathering of family and friends involving my immediate family which now includes: my parents, 4 siblings, 3 significant others, and 5 nieces and nephews who are 5 years old and younger. In... Read more »

How to Make a Body Transformation: The Sparknotes version

There are a lot of ways to make a life change. This particular post happens to touch on making long lasting physical changes. These are not the most important changes by any means. Just the most recent ones for me.   I’ve made a lot of changes throughout my 28.9 years of life, many of... Read more »