You know you're a millennial when....Part 1

millenialsWhile grocery shopping is one of my favorite hobbies (for real, I categorize my grocery list), I’ve been having trouble making it a priority lately.  Between tying to keep my house clean and organized, making time for working out, taking care of extra work responsibilities, and buying fresh food, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that I was out of town this weekend, when I normally get my work outs and grocery shopping in.

My problem is that my work comes home with me. I either need to stay at work for 11 hours a day, or leave work after roughly 9 hours and take some home. I looked at my timecard at work recently. Although I am a salaried worker, CPS mandates that teachers clock in and out each day. It’s always fun to see that I get paid for working 6.5 hours a day, but my timecard typically dictates no less than 9.5 hours each day. Plus commute, we’re looking about close to 11 hours a day spent away from being able to accomplish anything in my personal life.

Anyways, I’m sitting at my desk this morning thinking about my questionable looking banana and hoping I have enough chicken in my lunch to qualify as a meal. Then I start mapping out the agenda items for my after school meeting, and making edits to the Powerpoint for tomorrow’s presentation. I thank the heavens that the plans I made last week for today’s lesson were actually thorough.

As I’m walking up to my first period class, I’m trying to figure out what time I’ll get home from the after school meeting, what time my workout class is at the gym, and what I’m going to make to feed myself the rest of the week. I also need to do laundry since I have an embarrassingly small number of towels for a 29 year old and they all need to be washed.  Then it hit me. I can’t do all of those things today. But I NEED to. Ughhh

While all of those things are a priority to me, there is one thing I can get someone else to do for me. As millennial as this makes me sound, I’ve decided to get this week’s groceries delivered. I got an email form Instacart for first delivery free, so I’m taking advantage of it. Online grocery delivery service. Who have I become?

I am going to go home, start the laundry, clean, and work on tomorrow’s presentation until the groceries come. Then I’ll throw some food in the crock pot, go to the gym, and come back home to eat. That’s the plan. If you feel overwhelmed, but don’t want to give up any of your priorities, find a way to make one of them easier. 

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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