An open letter to a lazy teacher

Fact: Everyone hates their job from time to time.  I don’t know anyone who (honestly) loves their job everyday. We get it.

As mentioned in some previous posts, there are  a few perks to being a teacher. Not many, but some. Yes, I chose this life of servitude. But I did not choose who to teach with. Some god of torture chose that for me.

*Disclosure: Most of the teachers at my school are pretty great.  Honestly, the majority of teachers here are hard working, passionate, collaborative, all the traits you’d want to see.  While I don’t adore my job everyday, I care enough to dry my damn best every single day because I’m aware of the impact that teachers have on their students. Not just the whole “teaching” thing, but the whole interpersonal-relationship-gone-wrong-having-adverse-effects-for-life-thing.

Students, especially hormonal and emotional high school students, are extremely sensitive to the world around them. So when you yell at them, call them out, make culturally insensitive comments, they notice! And since their sweet little brains are still forming, they will think it’s alright to be treated that way. It’s NOT.

It makes me sad to think of a student of mine growing up and never being able to forget their insensitive [insert subject here] teacher calling them out, making them feel embarrassed, or just not teaching them to the best of their ability because they’re lazy.

I took a personality test a while ago that categorized me into the “concrete sequential” segment of personalities. Among other things, the test provided a list of likes and dislikes for us concrete sequential of the world. One of the number 1 dislikes: people who get unearned privileges. AMEN.

I Hate, hate, HATE people who get unearned privileges. Like the privilege of working in a classroom of young minds with so much potential, and ruining it because you don’t know what you’re doing. What did you do to get here? What makes you think you can get away with NOT doing your very best? This isn’t a job where you can half ass it. Not everyday, anyway. If you’re lazy, don’t be a teacher.

If you try, and it doesn’t work, I get it. It happens to me all the time. Some days, I walk out of school wondering if anyone learned anything at all. But I don’t give up.  If I notice I’m slipping up and getting lazy, I turn that stuff around.

I become an education warrior when I see people being lazy, or not even trying to do a good job. Education is too important for you to pretend to care. You gotta care, man.  I don’t love it all the time, but the kids would never know that! Do I have a passion for helping kids learn? Yes. Do I have a passion for dealing with drama and hormones? No. But I try. That’s the difference. Giving a worksheet and letting them peruse the internet is not trying.

Sorry my lazy teaching friend, you are not God’s gift to teaching. Nobody is.

I digress.

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