A 4 ingredient healthy-ish dish to make right now

One of my favorite things to do at work is day dream about what I’ll eat for dinner. The ultimate daydream is one in which I would get home and the dinner would already be made. But I don’t live that personal chef having.  For the record, I love to teach when I’m at work too. Most of the time.

During today’s daydream, I got excited about my throw-together meal I’ll be making tonight.  I get very proud when I somehow have enough ingredients to piece together an actual meal. I even like to live dangerously and make up my own recipes sometimes. Here are the ingredients that I’m working with for my latest one:

Soy Chorizo. Because chorizo is delicious. Spicy, tangy, wonderful goodness. Fry it in a pan with some onions, eggs, veggies, put it on tacos. But chorizo is high in fat. SOY chorizo honestly tastes practically the same, and has HALF the fat and calories of the real sausage.

Avocado Everything. Replace cheese with avocado. Seriously, try it. On sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken, etc. It’s super hipster and “so in” right now to be an obsessed millennial, but it’s seriously my favorite food. Gotta get that healthy fat.

Ezekial Bread . Because you gotta have toast in the morning. I get dangerously “hangry” if my stomach is not full in the am before I march in to teach the youth of America each day. Have your toast, and eat it too.

The best Balsamic ever . People only like creamy dressings because they taste good. They have a sweet, comforting flavor that people crave. No more cravings! This aged Balsamic is amazing. It makes any salad taste momentously better you only need a little of it. Thanks Trader Joe’s!


This is barely cooking, but I would still consider it home made. Pop some Ezekial break in the toaster. While toasting, drop the soy chorizo in a pan to fry (using Pam as your frying agent of course!) Toast is ready, spread avocado on there, sprinkle with soy chorizo, add a splash of balsamic, and you’re good to go. I can already taste it. And dinner is in 4 hours.


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