Safe ways to save Halloween for the kids this year

Safe ways to save Halloween for the kids this year

Many children, and even adults, look forward to Halloween for trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and other spooky festivities. This year, COVID-19 has reshaped everything,  and we must adjust our plans to stay safe. While we’d all love to put on our costumes and celebrate like previous years, we must take the responsible route.

My friends and I have tossed around several safe ideas to celebrate for our children. I also thought of a few more on my own and decided to share them.  Hopefully, they inspire other ideas for safe celebrations with small groups of loved ones. Here are a few of my favorites that rose to the top.

  • Halloween Hunt – Similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, you can hide candy and spooky toys throughout the yard, basement, or other confined area for children to find and enjoy instead of going from door to door.
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Host a virtual celebration via Zoom, Google Meets, or another platform. Have each participant/household search for and bring to the camera items throughout their households that spell out the word H A L L O W E E N. The host can offer a prize to the first participant to bring all items, or simply have fun listening to all of the items found while everyone shows off their costumes and enjoys treats at home.
  • Spooky Movie Marathon – Host a family movie night with a line-up of family-friendly Halloween classics or horror films depending on the age of the children. You can also take this to the yard and watch movies outside or in the car like a drive-in.
  • Costume Play-Date – A simple, yet small playdate for a few friends with costumes, games, and candy can be a great way for trick-or-treat groups to hang out safely on Halloween.
  • Pumpkin Paint-N-Sip: Paint-N-Sips have become even more popular during the pandemic, especially once people started hosting them virtually. For Halloween, you can host one with a twist, and have the children/guests paint pumpkins instead of canvases. (You can also have kids paint/decorate Halloween-themed face masks.)

These are just a few quick ideas to make the most out of Halloween with kids this year. You should definitely follow the guidelines based on your city/state to keep everyone safe. Masks or face coverings are recommended when engaging with anyone outside of your household. Feel free to share other ideas or how you plan to celebrate in the comments.


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  • I was in the hospital over Halloween once when I was in grade school. Trust me, changing the celebration doesn't ruin it.

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