Fun and Educational Online Activities to Keep Kids Thinking and Playing

Fun and Educational Online Activities to Keep Kids Thinking and Playing
Photo Credit: Toys R Us

Schooling from home has become the norm for households across the global amid COVID-19.  Many parents (myself included) have found ourselves playing a more direct role in educating our children. Don’t get me wrong, our household is pretty involved with schooling to begin with, and regularly review homework assignments and give feedback on graded classwork when necessary.  What’s happening now, is a different level of teaching that we’re doing to make sure our children don’t miss a beat while schools are closed.

Many of us are likely receiving enough work to keep our children busy throughout the day, however, it’s still good to help stimulate their minds with fun and educational activities that they aren’t being graded on. School assigned work can be stressful as many children are under pressure to do well enough for a good grade, which also puts a level of pressure on parents who want to make keep grades up to par now that the ball is completely in our courts.

I’ve compiled a short list of online resources that will keep children and even parents entertained with fun quizzes, DIY experiments, puzzles, story time sessions and more to add a little balance to our lives.

  • Discovery Education virtual field trips: Looking to go on a fun family field trip without leaving the house? Look no further than Discover Education for virtual experiences related to farms, science and even a trip to Facebook.
  • Toys R Us Play@Home theater:  The place where a kid can be a kid has a new platform for families to enjoy. From printable sheets to fun quizzes, DIY Play Doh projects, BrainPop content and more, Toys R Us Play@Home Theater is the “place” to be while staying safe at home. You can even sign up here to stay up to date on new toy trends and play ideas. (We even tested our toy knowledge with one of the quizzes and got an 80% on the first try!)
  • Sesame Street: Caring for each other: Preschooler’s favorite furry friends at Sesame Street have a variety of activities and content to keep them engaged throughout the day.
  • Digital Safari: People of all ages can watch live footage of animals across the world. From bald eagles to, African wildlife to bears and even pets, there are always 100 or so cams streaming at once for you to explore animals in real-time. It’s like going to a world zoo without leaving home.
  • The Kids Table virtual cooking classes: Have a future chef at home or just want to help the kids brush up on cooking skills? Head on over to The Kids Table to take part in virtual cooking classes. The current schedule includes a variety of snack, dessert, dinner and breakfast ideas that will be fun for all ages. The cost of the classes are donation based so you can feel free to give what you can, or simply share positive vibes.

These are just a few of the many great resources available online for families during these tough times. You can also create your own fun like we did last week with our virtual paint and sip among friends. Now is an important time to hold your family close and create great memories. Feel free to chime in with additional resources and family bonding ideas in the comments.


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