TikTok Safety Tips for Parents

TikTok Safety Tips for Parents

TikTok is an extremely popular social media platform used by people of all ages, but it’s definitely a favorite among tweens and teens. As parents, we must monitor our children’s social media engagement closely. While TikTok consists of tons of fun video content and viral challenges, there are still comment and direct messaging capabilities, which are what we must be most mindful of. These days, you really can’t be sure people are who they say they are or that they have good intentions. I’m sharing a few quick tips that can help keep your children safe on TikTok and other platforms.

  • Stay logged in: Keep your child’s TikTok account logged in on your device at all times. This way, you will receive notifications for every interaction.
  • Keep it private: Ensure that your child’s profile is private and check out follow requests as they come in.
  • Set rules and stick to them: Implement rules for your child/children to follow. (Some of ours are: all content must be approved before posting, I have to review all follow requests and no responding to direct messages from strangers.)
  • Be engaged: I like to sit with my daughter and check out the videos she’s watching, keep up with trending challenges and review her drafts before she posts them.
  • Regulate use: Make sure TikTok usage isn’t interfering with other responsibilities like homework, chores, bedtime etc. Just like with anything else tech and social media related, moderation is key.
  • Take bullying seriously: Discuss bullying with your child to make sure they aren’t engaging in bullying of any sort, and that they aren’t being bullied by others.

These are few things I’ve been doing personally to ensure that TikTok remains a safe space for my child and others as well.


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