5 Back to School Tips From my 3rd Grader

5 Back to School Tips From my 3rd Grader

Labor day weekend is here, which means two things. One, the summer is officially over, and two, school is starting back for pretty much everyone who hasn’t started already. Our household just wrapped week two of the school year at a new school, and my third grader has a few back to school tips to help your little people start the school year off right.

  • Be Kind to Others: Kindness goes a long way, especially when children are nervous about going to a new grade or starting at a new school.
  • Show People the Way: Help a student or even teacher who is new to the school learn their way around and how things go.
  • Make New Friends: A lot of children are anxious about starting in a classroom or school where they don’t already have friends, my daughter’s advice here is simple: make new friends.
  • Do Your Best: Being in a new grade is exciting, but can also be overwhelming for some. Doing your best at all times will go a long way.
  • Encourage Others: Thinking beyond yourself, my little one says you should encourage others to do their best as well. If you see a classmate struggling, reach out and offer help.

These tips come from the perspective of my seven year old, with some assistance from myself on the elaborations. Rather than me offering tips for kids after being so far removed from school (haha), thought it was a great idea to ask her what tips she has for kids who are starting school next week. I plan to do more collaborative pieces with her on here too, so feel free to share any topics you’d like to here from a child’s perspective.

Hope all of your little people have an amazing and productive school year!


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