9 Ways to Enhance Your Child's Learning Experience in 2019

9 Ways to Enhance Your Child's Learning Experience in 2019

We are in the final day of 2018, and halfway through winter break for most school-aged children. My daughter enjoyed her first week of break celebrating the holiday with family and her new gifts. This week will be all about learning to keep her brain flowing as we prepare for school next week.

We are pretty involved parents when it comes to her education already, but figured I’d share 9 ways or things you can do to help enhance your child’s learning for the remainder of the school year. Here goes a few things that work well for us when it comes to our daughter’s schooling:

  1. Stay in tune with the teacher(s)– You should have an open line of communication with your child’s teacher throughout the year. We use an app to see our daughter’s progress, ask questions and give updates to the teacher on our end. It helps!
  2. Support school functions –¬†Go above and beyond attending parent teacher conferences, stop by when the school has other planned activities, especially for family bonding. It shows your dedication to the place your child spends a lot of time at.
  3. Review NOT do homework – The key word here is review. We must be patient and ensure that we’re helping our children without doing the thinking for them.
  4. Encourage daily reading – Make sure your child is reading something new each day. E-books count as well since most children are tech savvy.
  5. Create learning moments from everyday scenarios – Sometimes we turn conversations until math or word problems to keep our daughter thinking. She always enjoys the challenge.
  6. Talk to your child about bullying – As a parent, we want to make sure our children aren’t being bullied at school and also that they aren’t doing the bullying. Teach them how to respect others and make sure they are respected.
  7. Praise and motivate – Praise your child when he or she does a great job in school regardless of how small it may seen. Also motivate your child in situations where they may not be so great, vs. just chastising them.
  8. Identify areas of opportunity – It’s great to know what our children do well, but it’s more important that we pay attention to the things they may need to grow in. Work with your child and his/her teacher(s)to ensure growth.
  9. Reinforce confidence – This is probably one of the most important to me with all of the children being bullied and feeling inferior to others. We make sure our child believes in herself and exudes confidence. We don’t support bragging, however we make sure she’s aware of her worth on a daily basis.

These are likely things your family may already have in place, however reminders are always great. Feel free to add anything I may have missed that works well for your family as it relates to enhancing your children’s learning experience.


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