You've been warned: I will fight a child over my baby!

You've been warned: I will fight a child over my baby!
Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta

I’m a fairly reasonable person, far from confrontational, and will typically turn the other cheek in most cases. The only scenario where I will not attempt to keep my cool, is when someone harms or attempts to harm my child. I don’t care if you are man, woman or child, I will go there when it comes to defending my little person.

I was devastated to hear about the teenage girl who was beaten to death in the high school bathroom. I can’t imagine being the mother who received that call. Then, a few days ago, I saw images of the six year old who was beaten by the fifth grader. Thankfully, she’s alive and well, but reading that story got my blood boiling again. I can’t fathom what could have caused that child to do those things to that baby. Even worse, I can’t imagine how frightened the little girl must have been through the tragic experience. As a mother, that would piss me off beyond measure.

Right here in Chicago,  I heard about the thirteen year old girl whose mother gave her a knife that was used to kill another teen. All of these stories have me wondering what the hell parents are teaching their children, if anything at all. I’m aware that not only the subject of this post may ruffle some feathers, but I will ruffle, rip and destroy any feather that lays a hand on a single hair on my child’s head. If you aren’t going to be parent enough to make sure your child doesn’t hurt or kill someone else’s child, then you should be prepared for your child being disciplined by that other parent.

I will do my best as a parent to make sure my child isn’t bullying another child, and I expect the same from other parents around me. There are far too many instances where teachers inform parents of the children’s bullying antics, only for these concerns to be dismissed by the parent. There’s nothing cute about raising a bully, not at all. Just know that some of us fellow parents aren’t going to sit back and watch while your child gets a free pass for bullying our child.

My baby will be starting school in the fall, and I’m not trying to be on the other end of a tragic school phone call. I will teach her to defend herself, but know that I’m willing to intervene if it comes to that. Of course, I’ll attempt to have a conversation with the parent and child before taking it to the next level. I have love for all children, and won’t mind teaching someone else’s child a lesson in love if necessary to protect mine, and possibly other children too.

Now,  I’m not saying I will square up and go blow for blow with a child, but know that there will be some discipline coming their way if the parent isn’t going to handle affairs accordingly, as it relates to someone harming my child. I’m sure there are many parents out here who feel the same way.  My heart goes out to the families of all children who have faced similar tragedies.

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