Round-up of Million Man March coverage for those who missed it

Round-up of Million Man March coverage for those who missed it
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Yesterday, thousands gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, this time under the theme #JusticeorElse. It’s been talked about for months, many have recollected on their involvement in the original march, or at least where they were at the time.

I remember being a 10 year old little girl back in 1995. I’d heard a lot about the Million Man March from my mom, but also in the media. Although I was pretty young, I understood the significance  and applauded the efforts of those involved.

So naturally, I expected to see photos, video or posts celebrating the 20th anniversary from those involved, or simply those who support the cause. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t personally post anything, but not from a lack of concern. Being that I’m connected to many reporters, public figures and community activists on my social networks, I did see a lot of coverage from people on the ground.

What I also saw, was a lot of people complaining about the lack of coverage received. Many calling out outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and even BET for not providing coverage. By coverage, I’m not sure if they meant TV coverage, but there was definitely lots of news stories circulating from these very outlets yesterday, and even before in preparation.

Being that many people only get their news from social media timelines, it’s a good chance they could have missed some of the coverage. I’ve taken the liberty of including a few links below for all those who may be interested in reading some of it. There’s much more where this came from, you might have to Google, or go directly to the source to find it.


Million Man March 20th Anniversary Draws Men on a Mission

BET Special: Black Men Demand Justice for Million Man March 20th Anniversary

Straight Outta IG: Million Man March 20th Anniversary


Crowds rally for Justice or Else on 20th anniversary of Million Man March

New York Times

Echoing Calls of Justice for Million Man March, but widening audience

USA Today

Thousands pack for 20th anniversary of Million Man March


Million Man March 20th Anniversary Celebrated in Washington D.C.

I understand that many of us are frustrated with the media’s tendency to focus more so on negative news as it relates to communities of color, but they really are just doing their jobs in some cases. Most of the frustration regarding the lack of Million Man March coverage was related to the round-the-clock media coverage provided for the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. I agree that there could have and should have been more coverage of the positive aspects of those protests, but that’s not always the story that will be told. Many of the people who complained about the lack of coverage were probably going off of what they seen or heard from someone else. In any case, the coverage is there.


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  • There wasnt hardly any coverage in comparison to the first one, and it did seem deliberate. Yes. Each of the networks that you mention gave extensive live and taped coverage of the first rally.

    Though many ppl get their news from social media, that news comes through the funnel of major networks which did not put out much at all.

    Btw, doing their jobs, not their

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    In reply to Shac:

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm more so referring to the people in my timeline claiming that there was zero coverage. Also thank you for attempting to correct my typo. I'm aware of the difference between there and their, but sometimes make mistakes.

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    When the first march occurred, I was too young to really appreciate it, but the news seemed pretty extensive, on TV. Now, understanding what its about, I don't watch TV, and would only hear about it online or from now distant family..

    Problem I see now is they have a war on us and we are marching against it. May not be a war specifically, but much evidence points to that. I appreciate Farrakhan's efforts, but I don't know that many are fully addressing all of the relevant issues.

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