Maybe we shouldn't mind our own business so much #ChildAbusePreventionMonth

Maybe we shouldn't mind our own business so much #ChildAbusePreventionMonth

This day in age many us have the “mind your business and I’ll mind mine” mentality about pretty much everything. In many cases that is perfectly fine, but not when it comes to the well-being of children. I cringe every time I watch the news or scroll through my news feed and see stories about children being harmed or killed at the hands of parents or trusted adults. As a parent, this really bothers me because I can’t imagine ever causing my child any harm, and I’ll do give everything in my power to prevent anyone else from harming her.

In most of these cases, I always wonder if there was a family member or friend who saw signs that could have possibly prevented at least some of these tragedies. I can’t imagine why a parent, biological or otherwise would think to do these terrible things to someone who they are supposed to love unconditionally and live to protect. My heart aches for all of the children who could have been saved if only someone had stepped in and done or even said something. Some of these parents¬† had to display signs of depression, anger or something.

If you’re a teacher, parent of a friend, church member or neighbor, please speak up if you know a child is in danger or even think they may be.¬† I’m not suggesting that people go around falsely accusing others or prying for no reason, but something has to give. If there’s a struggling parent, see if you can offer them assistance or point them in the direction of someone else who can help.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month hopefully we all can play our part in preventing child abuse this month and beyond.


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